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Gifted students

In order to achieve our stated goals – Sail to Success through Self esteem, Achievement, Initiative and Life long learning, Tannum Sands State School believes that through flexible and differentiated classroom programs which foster creativity, independent learning and task commitment, we will equitably and justly encourage optimal development of each child’s potential.

We aim to provide opportunities for each child to use and develop their particular abilities and interests that they have. This is based on:

  • Sound educational foundations
  • Recognition of the importance of sequential development of thinking skills and problem solving strategies
  • Establishment of environments conducive to independent thinking
  • Provisions of ‘qualitatively different’ programs that will facilitate the expression and exploration of creativity
  • Awareness that these strategies and activities are not a separate entity, but are integrated within and across all subject areas. That is they are cross curricular.
  • Promotion of involvement in extra-curricula activities.

Extra Curricular Activities

Witin our school many opportunities exist to extend learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the classroom. These extra-curricula activities aid the development of the whole child and provide a range of creative enrichment opportunities and links with the broader local community.

These opportunities include:

  • Class or group trips and residential visits
  • Opti-Minds (5-6)
  • EngQuest (3-6)
  • Instrumental music (3-6)
  • Extended Learning Programs (3-6)
  • Ed Studios and Web Quizzes
  • Sport (5-6)
  • University of New South Wales Tests (Spelling, English, Maths, Science, Computers) ( 3-6)
  • CQ Junior Robotics
  • Olympiad Maths (5-6)
  • Tannum Sands State High School – ‘Out of the Box’ 5-6)
  • Toolooa State High School – Super Challenge (5-6)
  • Lunchtime activities
  • Encourage students to access other gifted education programs offered (e.g. Technology boot camp)