Excellence programs


Performing Arts Excellence

The Performing Arts Program at Tannum Sands State School is an integrated part of daily life of our school. The students can choose to participate in the programs 2 strands - Instrumental and Choirs (singing & speech). At the end of Term 3 each year, a Gala Night known as Stars on Stage is held for each of the two strands showcasing the amazing work that has occurred throughout the year. These are memorable nights, where students perform to the delight of parents and grandparents.
Instrumental Program
The Instrumental Music Program incorporates group tuition on all the string instruments and all the concert band instruments including brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Pivotal to the program is playing in the school ensembles of which there are 3 String Ensembles and 3 Concert Bands catering to students’ developmental skill level on their chosen instrument.
Inclusion in these ensembles is by way of audition, aptitude and skill-based selection procedures and is open to new students to the school dependent on a vacancy in the ensemble. Only new students who have met the selection criteria qualify for inclusion in the group tuition which is funding through Education Queensland.
Intake years for these programs are as follows:
  • Strings Program – year 3. Testing and selection process begins at the end of year 2.
  • Band Program – year 4. Testing and selection process begins at the end of year 3.
An expectation of being selected to be part of the String or Band Programs is that students will remain in the program until they leave Primary School and continue in the program until they complete their secondary education. Available positions in the programs are limited with competition for placement highly desirable.
Our String Ensembles and Concert Bands at Tannum Sands State School maintain an extremely high standard of performance and consistently do very well at competitions and eisteddfods. The teaching staff who direct these ensembles are professional performers in their own right and bring to these ensembles a wealth of experience and discipline which benefits our students immeasurably.
 Ensembles in the Strings Program are:
  • Junior Strings
  • Senior Strings, and
  • Verdi Strings
Ensembles in the Band Program are:
  • Junior Concert Band
  • Senior Concert Band, and
  • Combined Band


Choral Choir

All students at Tannum Sands are encouraged to be part of the Choral Program. We have both singing and speech choirs catering for Year Prep to Year 6 students. The philosophy of the Choral Program is that singing is a wonderful community activity and is open to everyone to participate in either a singing or speech choir.
Students participating in the Choral Program will learn the skills of vocal control and expression, performance discipline, the responsibility for memorizing their part and being a team member. Once students sign up for choir, they are expected to honour their commitment to the group for the whole year. Throughout the year all the choirs compete in a variety of competitions and eisteddfods, perform at school and community events playing an important role in school life at Tannum Sands.
The Singing Choirs are as follows:
Year 5/6 Show Choir - an auditioned choir for years 5 & 6. Auditions are held at the end of the year for commencement in the following year.
Year 3/4 Show Choir – an auditioned choir for years 3/4. Auditions are held at the end of the year for commencement in the following year.
um Timbres – a non-auditioned senior choir for years 3 to 6.
Sands Singers – a non-auditioned choir for years 2 to 3

Last reviewed 06 April 2020
Last updated 06 April 2020